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- Besides great opportunities to become a global leader, many scholarships are available to students.

- The number of scholarship beneficiaries is increasing every year; as of the 2010 school year, 66% of enrolled students received 4.1 billion won in scholarship money.

  • Scholarship beneficiaries during the 2008-2010 school years

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Scholarship types

  • Campus Scholarships
    • A. Tuition Scholarships
      • - Merit scholarship: awarded to students with outstanding academic performance.
      • - National scholarship: awarded to the families of national merits or to the families of North Korean refugees.
      • -Welfare scholarship: awarded to underprivileged students (the head of a household or to students from distressed families; students with physical challenges; students from a rural area).
      • - Special scholarship: awarded to student athletes, exchange students (between Yongnam and Honam areas), and to students who continue their study in a graduate school.
      • - Work-study scholarship (for undergraduate students), teaching assistant scholarship (for graduate school students)
    • B. University Fund Foundation Scholarships
      • Over 80 scholarships including Yongbong Woosu Scholarship, Yongbong Scholarship, Daeshin Scholarship, and Dongwon Scholarship are available.
    • C. SAT Scholarship
    • D. College Scholarship
      • The College of Education selects a qualified student and awards this scholarship.
    • E. Specialized Project Scholarships
      • Bio-housing Scholarship, LG Innotek Scholarship, Metropolitan Economy Project Scholarship, and etc.
  • Off-campus Scholarships
    • A. Scholarships given by Government Organizations
      • -Education Capacity Enhancement Project Scholarship: awarded to students who are creative and inspiring rather than just studious.
      • -Korea Scholarship Foundation Scholarship: National Scholarship (Ⅰ, ⅡTypes), Excellence Scholarship (National sciences or engineering track, Humanities track), Research Scholarship (Humanities or social sciences track), Work-study Scholarship
      • - KRA Future Farmer Foundation: Future Farmer Scholarship, Farming Family Scholarship
    • B. Scholarships given by Scholarship Foundations
      • Eighty scholarships including Keumho-Asiana Scholarship, Kwangju Bank Scholarship, Jungsoo Scholarship Foundation, Mirae Asset Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, and Mirae International Foundation.

Scholarship Application Process and Required Documents

  • Process:Gather information, apply for a scholarship
    • Receive recommendation from the College
    • Wait for a scholarship group to review and select a beneficiary
    • Receive a scholarship.
  • Supporting documents: scholarship application form (including a personal statement), transcripts, notarized family financial statements (when applicable), and other supporting documents that a scholarship foundation requires.
  • Inquiries: Financial Aid Department in the Academic Support Office Campus Scholarships (062-530-1103/1075), Korea Scholarship Foundation Scholarships (062-530-1073), Off-campus Scholarships (062-530-1084)