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Department of Music Education

Producing highly visible and successful music educators at every instructional level. Obtaning certification in secondary music education by completing music courses, music theory and relevant pedogogical theory.


Name Major Position Phone E-mail
Ae-Ryun Chung Soprano Professor +82-62-530-2534 rh715@hanmail.net
Ji-Hyang Oh Music Education Associate Professor +82-62-530-2532 ojh212@jnu.ac.kr
Mi-Kyung Lee Musicology Assistant Professor +82-62-530-2533 mklee3@jnu.ac.kr

About us

The Department of Music Education is committed to training future teachers who are also musicians involved in both music and teaching at training future teachers who are also musicians involved in both music and teaching at the highest professional level. The objectives of a sequenced seies of courses is to enable students to learn the role of music in their lives, to develop theories of musical learning development, and to practice methods and approaches for teaching music (the Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze method).

Through a sequenced series of courses and pre-service teaching experiences, students who successfully complete the program fulfill the requirements for a Certification in Secondary Music Education.

Students study various practical techniques, incliding, Solfege, Harmony, Counterpoint, Histofy of Western Music, Chorus, Theory of Music Education, Music Teaching and Materials, Korean Tradirional Music, Computer Music, Keyboard Harmony, Digital Piano, and among others.


A large number of graduates work at middle and high schools. Others go graduate school of pursue more advanced careers.

Through our programs

- You have access to high-tech applied education, a digital Piano classroom, a multi-media laboratory, music and music education resources, a wide collection of books, journals, and dissertations in music education and msicology.

- You can complete courses in music education curriculum, compuer laboratory, English courses in the language education center.

- Vrious sholarchips are avaliable frome chonnam National University and other orfanizations.

Contact Information

Department of Music Education, College of Education, Chonnam National University 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-757, Korea.    Phone: +82-62-530-2530    Fax: +82-62-530-2539