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Department of Home Economics Education

Cultivation of the qualities of competent home economics education teachers by providing our students with the courses in major and education

Our department studies practical and integrated relationship among human being, the family and their surrounding environment. We are cultivating the qualities of competent home economics education teachers by having our students complete the courses in major and education.


Name Major Position Phone E-mail
Hyo-Shick Shin, Ph.D. Family Relationship Professor 530 - 2521 hsshin@jnu.ac.kr
Lan-Hee Jung, Ph.D. Applied Food Science Professor 530 - 2522 lhjung@jnu.ac.kr
Eun-Hah Wee, Ph.D. Fashion Design Professor 530 - 2523 weh@jnu.ac.kr

About us

The Department of Home Economics Education offers students with the subjects involving Nutrition, Food Chemistry, Applied Food Science, Theory & Practice in Apparel Making, Textile, Housing, Pedology, Family Relationships, Housing Management, Household Economics to develop decision-making, problem-solving abilities and creativity of the students which are necessary for adapting not only to modern society but also to future society. The department aims at fostering home economics teachers with practical and critical qualities.

The graduates can work not only as secondary school teachers but also can go to the graduate school. The students who complete the graduate school can enter the diverse fields including research institutions, enterprises and adult educational institutions.

Among 730 graduates, about 400 of them are playing important roles in secondary education as principals, vice-principals, school vice-commissioners and teachers while 20 of them are serving as professors in many universities.


Students can not only serve as the teachers of secondary school but also can enter the graduate school with various majors including food, clothing and household management. In addition, they can work for job-specialized schools, mass-media institutions and divisions of education in corporations.

Contact Information

Department of Home Economics Education, College of Education, Chonnam National University 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-757, Korea.    Phone: +82-62-530-2520    Fax: +82-62-530-2523