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Department of Earth Science Education

Earth science education aims to train science and earth science teachers at middle and high schools. The goal is to train qualified earth science teachers with general understanding of earth science - geology, astronomy, atmospheric science, and oceanography - and the overall field of science, effective teaching methods, and morality to positively influence students.


Name Major Position Phone E-mail
Kyu-Dong Oh Astronomy Professor 530-2511 ohkd@jnu.ac.kr
Young-Kun Jeong Meteorology Professor 530-2512 ykjeong@jnu.ac.kr
Yeong-Koo Koh Geology Professor 530-2513 ykkoh@jnu.ac.kr
Seok-Tai Youn Geology Professor 530-2514 styoun@jnu.ac.kr
Jong-Hee Kim Earth Science Education Professor 530-2515 earthedu@jnu.ac.kr
Su-Yeon Oh Astronomy Professor 530-2517 suyeonch@jnu.ac.kr

About us

The major in Earth Science Education is committed to training and developing exceptionally well informed, enthusiastic, dedicated and highly skilled earth science educators and practitioners for middle and high schools, higher education and research and development. All of our programs are devoted to fostering critical thinking and a spirit of innovation. The educational program has many highly developed general and specialized courses including: geology, astronomy, atmospheric science, oceanography, earth science education, as well as presenting an opportunity for hands-on experience through experiments in laboratory settings. In addition, we have recently been developing programs that address environmental problems and space science. Teaching certificates are awarded upon completion of terms and the required courses.


The majority of our graduates go on to teach science in the national education system at middle or high schools and contribute greatly to educational development in real teaching contexts. A significant minority develop their careers in other areas such as: research institutes, universities, government departs, and companies, concerned.

Contact Information

Department of Earth Science Education, College of Education, Chonnam National University 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-757, Korea.    Phone: +82-62-530-2510    Fax: +82-62-530-2519