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Department of Mathematics Education

Mathematics education is a field of study focusing on teaching and learning, curriculum, psychology, philosophy, technology, history, and gender issues based on mathematical content, coupled with general theories of education and mathematics education.


Name Major Position Phone E-mail
Jong Youll Park Algebra Professor 530-2471 parkjy@jnu.ac.kr
Ihn Sue Kim Analysis Professor 530-2472 ikim@jnu.ac.kr
Soonja Kang Analysis Professor 530-2473 kangsj@jnu.ac.kr
Yonggu Kim Algebraic Geometry Professor 530-2474 kimm@jnu.ac.kr
Chun young Oh Elementary Professor 530-2476 cyoh@jnu.ac.kr
Sik Lee Topology Professor 530-2478 slee@jnu.ac.kr
Bo Mi Shin Mathematics Education Associate Professor 530-2475 bomi0210@jnu.ac.kr
Sungmo Kang Geometry and Topology Assistant Professor 530-2477 skang4450@jnu.ac.kr

About Us

The mission of the Department of Mathematics Education is to educate students as secondary school teachers so that they may someday take a central role as excellent mathematics teachers. The curriculum for the Department of Mathematics Education consists of basic and intensive levels of modern mathematics, including various theories of mathematics education in order to prepare our students for this field. The Department of Mathematics Education provides a well-designed student teaching program for Chonnam National University, along with College of Education affiliated middle school and high schools. This opportunity provides our students with firsthand experience, applying what they learn in their undergraduate program to real situations. Furthermore, the Department of Mathematics Education has exclusive use of computer laboratories, rooms with materials, and classrooms equipped with modern technology.

All of this is provided to accommodate the demands of living in an information age and is needed for various teaching and learning methods in Mathematics education.

The Department of Mathematics Education holds “The Yongbong Conference of Mathematics Education” every year for the development of Mathematics education.

Since the start of the College of Education in 1972, there have been about 1,500 graduates, and most of them are now teaching at middle and high schools all over the country. Approximately 50 other graduates are teaching at universities or other professional institutes as full-time research professors. We at the Department of Mathematics Education do our best to contribute to the development of the field of mathematics education as well as to educate future mathematics teachers who will take a central role in the community of mathematics education.


Most of the graduates are teaching mathematics at the public and private secondary schools. Some are also working as professional administrators at the Office of Education and teach mathematics or mathematics education at university after they finish their post-graduate degrees. We at the Department of Mathematics Education are especially proud to have the nation's highest passing percentage of the National Teacher Employment Exam administered every year. Many of those who pass are currently mathematics teachers in Gwangju, Jeonnam Province and the Seoul-Gyeonggi metropolitan area.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics Education, College of Education, Chonnam National University 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-757, Korea.     Phone: +82-62-530-2470    Fax: +82-62-530-2479