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Department of History Education

We aim to have students to be history teachers in secondary schools and experts in history and history education. Our academic program focuses on helping students to gain expertise in practicing the studies of local history and the related studies and theories all over the human history.


Name Position Major Phone e-mail
Kim Tang Tek Professor the medieval history of Korea 530-2372 ttkim@jnu.ac.kr
Yoon HeeMyeon Professor the modern history of Korea 530-2373 yoonhm@jnu.ac.kr
Park Man Kyu Professor the modern and contemporary history of Korea 530-2374 mkpark@jnu.ac.kr
Lee Young Hyo Professor history education/the western history 530-2375 leeyh678@jnu.ac.kr
Chung ChongJu Professor ancient and medieval history of Korea 530-2376 shanti@jnu.ac.kr
Lee YoungOk Asociate Professor the modern and contemporary history of China 530-2371 youngok@jnu.ac.kr

About us

The department of history education offers courses to deepen understanding of the local and area histories, textual expositions for reading historical records, and many different theories and studies of history. We also help students to be excellent history teachers in secondary school by practicing the method of teaching and education, and by leaving to explore historic sites.


Most graduates work for secondary schools and some get a career in the history and education, and the rest have various professions related to the field of historical enterprise, cultural business, and journalism etc.

Contact Information

Department of History Education, College of Education, Chonnam National University 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-757, Korea.    Phone: +82-62-530-2370    Fax: +82-62-530-2379