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Department of English Language Education

The Department of English Education at Chonnam National University strives to develop our students' language competences and teaching skills in keeping with the professional demands of this information rich era of globalization. We develop our students’ communication skills through English while fostering the critical perspective that is essential for a professional EFL teacher in the field of contemporary English Education. The courses in the program are focused on the studies of English Language and Literature and English Education, which are diverged into three channels of introductory British and American literature courses, the basic theories of English language and English education.

The curriculum of the department is structured to enable students to acquire an in-depth theoretical foundation of knowledge, and to further understand how this knowledge becomes applied pedagogy through practical courses including English Teaching Methods, English Teaching Practice, EFL Teaching Materials Development, and English language evaluation. Language skills courses such as English Conversation, English Writing, and English Grammar are complemented by the broader perspective offered in courses focused on English Literature and Understanding English and British Culture.

We offer a well-organized training program and an in-depth M.A. and Ph.D. in English Language Education. The graduate program of the Department aims to prepare graduates to take a leading role in fields related to English education, English language, and English literature. They will become experts in the interrelated areas of English education. The courses focus on concepts, principles and theories of English education and provide a general background in English language and literature, with a special focus on ELT. A great deal of the department's curriculum is structured to appeal to those who are interested in exploring all areas of linguistics and literature. Successful graduates who obtain the degree of Master of Education or Doctor of Philosophy in Education are expected to take the role of researchers and specialists in the fields of English language, English literature and English education.


Name Position Major Phone E-mail
Byung Kyoo Ahn Professor English Language Education 530-2438 ahnbk@jnu.ac.kr
Chul Joo Uhm, Ph.D. Professor English Language Education 530-2440 cjuhm@jnu.ac.kr
Hui Sok Yoo, Ph.D. Associate Professor 19th Century American Education 530-2442 yoohuisok@yahoo.com
Jee Hyun Ma, Ph. D. Associate Professor English Language Education 530-2445 jeehyun@jnu.ac.kr
Mun Hong Choi, Ph. D. Assistant Professor English Language Education 530-2435 munhong@jnu.ac.kr

About Us

Since 1972, the Department of English Language Education at Chonnam National University has produced leaders and experts in the field of English education who play key roles in the future development of English education by equipping them with a profound knowledge in their field and fostering their capabilities to apply that acquired knowledge in the sites where they work. The students study the nature and structure of the English language while exploring a wide variety of English literary works, as well as achieving a comprehensive grounding in linguistics.


We expect that the program will deepen the students' insights into not only their own experience but also the collective experience of the society to which they belong and thus help students find a way to further study in medical science, dentistry, psychology, business, or education as well as in English. The graduates of English Language Education play a key role as teachers, leaders educational administrators, consultants, journalists, professors, or public officers at middle and high schools or English-related institutes, as well as government-sponsored organizations who actively participate in the field of English education. Those who have enthusiasm for pursuing their intellectual goals as professionals can apply for graduate courses at home and abroad and further their academic career in the areas of English language, literature and education as researchers in these fields.

Contact Information

Department of English Language Education, College of Education, Chonnam National University 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-757, Korea.    Phone: +82-62-530-2430    Fax: +82-62-530-2449