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A leader of future education that realizes visions and dreams: Chonnam National University College of Education

Welcome to CNU’s College of Education!

The CNU College of Education is one of the top educators in the Gwangju, Chonnam area and in Korea, producing competent secondary school teachers, administrators, and researchers for the last thirty-nine years since its establishment in 1972.

The CNU College of Education has over ninety professors and encompasses fifteen departments, one interdisciplinary division, a Graduate School of Education with a master’s program, a regular graduate school with master’s and doctoral programs, several research institutes, a teacher training center, a center for gifted children, a middle school, and a high school. Its long history and leading role as a teacher training center for the community as well as the country is the result of strenuous effort by all the faculty and staff at the CNU College of Education.

The CNU College of Education will continue to lead the community and the country through creative, innovative thinking and practice, while producing competent, capable teachers as well as training current secondary-school teachers. It will also contribute to wise education policy decisions and future directions.

The CNU College of Education promises to pull its weight as a main educator in the community to improve the educational system and to equip student teachers to be the best in the country. The CNU College of Education appreciates your interest in its outstanding programs.

Seok-Tai Yoon
AUGUST 2014, Seok-Tai Yoon Ph.D. The Dean of CNU College of Education